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  • Local Search Tips in a Down Economy

    The recent surge in small business service companies due to the economic downturn has resulted in an abundance of web sites looking for search-engine optimization in their Website local service areas. This has given rise to many businesses looking to cash in on the demand. Some wholesale NBA jerseys of them […]

  • SEO – Nine Tips for Optimizing Your Website

    There has been much talk about search-engine optimization or getting found on the search engines under your niche market.  Additionally, small businesses are being launched at a phenomenal rates,  each with their own web presence.  In order for the small business with its limited advertising budget to be competitive, a critical need for website optimization […]

  • Facebook Penalizing Low-Quality Website Links

    Beginning on May 10th and continuing for the remainder of May, Facebook is modifying its algorithm to penalize a ‘poor customer experience’.  They define a ‘Poor Customer Experience’ as websites or landing pages with little substantive content, large numbers of paid advertisements, and/or malicious ads.  In order to determine whether your website is considered to […]

  • Shared Hosting Problems

    The proliferation of WordPress as an easy to use platform has created a whole other layer of problems for the user.  Because WordPress is easy to use, it is also easy to hack.  If you haven’t had this happen to you yet, you definitely will at some point in the future.  Shared hosting is like […]

  • Social Media and a National Election

    Can social media really influence action? You may have asked yourself that at one time or another. Using social media is really convenient for connecting with friends and colleagues, but does it really influence people’s actions? A recent flip-flop of two members of the Electoral College in Texas away from the Republican nominee explain that […]

  • Search-Optimization Tips

    Organic optimization of your website or SEO, is an iterative process. Businesses need to have a process in place for continuously monitoring the results and adjusting their strategies. Search engines alter their algorithms on an ongoing basis. We can’t always know the exact combinations being used, but some things we definitely know.

    They are interested in […]

  • Case Study – William Webb Furniture

    William Webb Furniture is a long-standing virtual furniture broker in the DFW area.  Although he is well known in the two chambers in the area, his digital footprint was almost non-existent when we were hired to handle a small social media marketing campaign for him.

    Our Detailed Analysis on search and social media led us to […]

  • What are Micro-Moments?

    Today’s consumer has shifted their buying behavior drastically in the last five years.  The proliferation of Smart phones has caused buyers to depend on the information on their smart phone during the purchasing cycle.  We have been aware for quite some time that consumers are evaluating businesses on the internet before beginning any conversation with […]

  • Case Study- Soda Emporium


    Soda Emporium is a one-of-a-kind business that offers soda lovers a chance to buy hard to find sodas and beverages around the US and the world. This very unique company can help you reconnect with your favorite beverages from back in the day or explore new beverages to enjoy with friends.

    In order to showcase the […]

  • Case Study- JT Properties

    JT Properties of Argyle, Texas and surrounding areas is the one-stop source for real estate services in the Argyle, Bartonville and South Lake areas. In order to showcase the best offerings, JT Properties teamed up with the online marketing company Custom Websites to Go to build them a Facebook page.

    Custom Websites to Go posted updates […]