How to Play Online Poker

The game of poker involves dealing cards to other players. The community cards are used to create the best hand. The players must contribute to the pot in order to remain in the game. If there is no action to their hand, players can check their cards, fold, or raise. A backdoor flush can also be created if a player has a significant statistical lead.

Online poker is becoming increasingly popular. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a huge increase in traffic to poker websites. As a result, many live gaming venues across the world have temporarily or permanently closed. These closures have led to a dearth of live entertainment, which has forced many casual players to turn to online poker. Many operators have reported double-digit growth in traffic as a result.

To be able to play poker, you must use an online poker website. Most of these sites are free, and you can access them with just a username and password. You must also have a working internet connection to play these games. If you have a slow or unstable connection, you might be able to connect via Skype or other video chat.

In the late 90s, free poker games began to appear on the Internet. In January 1998, Planet Poker was the first online card room to offer real-money games. The first game was dealt in January 1998, and author Mike Caro was named the “face” of the new site.